Tattoo makeup also needs to be protected.

Thats right, covering tattoos to make it look like they don’t exist is only half of the battle. Once you have successfully conquered the art of covering a tattoo and let’s face it, this is not easy. Blending a shade of skin tone is difficult enough but to transition colors, add the correct mottling and temperature of skin. All while trying to block out dark and deeply embedded black inks. Whew!

The next task should be easy but this too can be misleading. With so many products for covering tattoos there are equally as many sealers and powders to help protect the makeup. Sometimes the makeup or paint used can have protective and rub resistant properties. Even these products can be misleading or not durable enough. Sometimes they can simply lack the ability to cover properly.

It’s more clear as to why we want to cover the makeup that is covering our tattoo, it needs protection from the elements. What are the elements? The elements could be anything in immediate contact with the makeup that is covering tattoos. Such as clothing, jewelry, furniture your body could be rubbing against or people they are in contact with. Other situations could be more climate based, rain, heat, water (like pools or the ocean). Is the person with the tattoos covered going to be active, creating sweat or aggressively grappling with someone. For instance if you are an actor you may be in a fight sequence with stuntmen. The truth is, it could be all of the above rolled into one. This is why covering the cover up is so important to consider.

Tattoo Sealers to use.

First you must consider the material that you are covering the tattoo with before you can decide on a makeup sealer. Most sealers on the market like PPI Green Marble or Ben Nye Final Seal are solvent based. These solvents (usually alcohol) can immediately activate or breakdown your makep beneath. This is why a sealer like Tinsley Studio Satin Finishing Sealer works so well. It’s a water based sealer that won’t affect most makeups but can re-activate water based makeups. Satin Finishing sealer also functions differently when dry. Rather than putting a “clear coating” over the surface to protect the makeup, Satin Finishing Sealer repels dirt, lint, water etc. protecting the surface from elements that would normally begin breaking down the surface. No harmful solvents, no striking smells or fumes.