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Team Tinsley


Transfers & Lab

What do I do.
My primary focus here at Tinsley Studio is to manage and run all the prosthetic transfers for both productions and Tinsley Pro Studio Collection. I also help out in the main lab assisiting in molding, casting and fabrication.
How long have I been working at Tinsley Studio.
Well, I started working at Tinsley Transfers (the Halloween MFG. company) in June of 2014 and quickly moved into Film/TV lab work at Tinsley Studio and have been in charge of all prosthetic transfers since 2017.
What's my favorite movie.
That's an easy one, Napoleon Dynamite!
What's my favorite part about the job.
There is so much too love. I get to come to work in the most comfy clothes. I get to be creative and messy. I get to work with my hands, listen to music and podcasts all day and then enjoy my work on the big screen. Every part is my favorite!
Dick Cherry

Design & Tattoos

What's my job.
I'm the Tattoo Designer. I draw all day creating and illustrating the tattoo artwork for Tinsley Studio productions as well as for Tinsley Transfers.
No, that's not all that I do, all day.
Drawing is certainly a big part of my day but it's not all I do. In addition to illustrating all the tattoos I also am in charge of printing and preparing the tattoos for shipping. My job is very tattoo-centric.
What's my favorite movie.
Only the greatest movie of all time...Fight Club! Oops, I guess I just broke the first rule.
How long have I been working at Tinsley.
Hmmm... I guess it's going on 10 years or more now. The first project I worked on at Tinsley Studio was John Carter of Mars around 2010.

Tinsley News

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