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Tinsley Studio is an Academy Award & Emmy Award winning makeup FX Studio.

Helping bring stories to life for film, television, commercials and theatre.

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We are full service Design, Makeup, Tattoo, Prosthetics, Wig and Facial Hair Makeup Effects Studio. An innovative and Award Winning facility with an “out of the box” approach to makeup effects, diverse selection of artists and over 20years of successful business. Our mission, is to support your story and vision by bringing characters to life, or death, no matter how small or big your production.

Realism / Authenticity

Tinsley Studio prides itself on being a leader for realistic prosthetics and makeup effects. For over two decades we have dedicated ourselves to supporting stories with work that is seamless, provocative and correct.

Innovative Solutions

We continue to push the envelope to create more efficient and effective solutions. We are the only Makeup Studio in the world that has won an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement. Our processes and techniques pave the road for the entire industry.

A Deeper Understanding

Tinsley Studio is led by Christien Tinsley who is a working HOD of makeup and owner of 3 companies. The “Producer Hat” for departmental workflow, budgets and management is always being considered for todays production climate of limited time and resources.

Featured Work

Some Recent Projects

Tinsley Studio is proud to present some of our latest work on the following projects. Make sure to visit our Gallery/Portfolio/Reel to see a more expansive look at our work.

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And We’re Pretty Good At It

Character Design

Conceptualizing a character before fabricationc an help streamline the build process, allow more flexibility for creativity and connect departments with one vision to accomplish.

There are a number of ways to approach creating a character both in 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions.

  • Photoshop (2D)
  • Z Brush (3D)
  • 3D Printed models (SLA and PLA)
  • Traditional Sculpture/Castings
  • Test Application (Using Stock elements)
Prosthetics & Fabrication

When you think of Creating a character beyond Traditional makeup. Turning to prosthetics can be the answer. Augmenting the face, body can be the correct choice to achieve your goal.

Sometimes from something as small as a tip of a nose to full aging transformation prosthetics can be embraced with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Silicone Gel Prosthetics
  • Prosthetic Transfers
  • Dental Appliances
  • Contact Lenses
  • Body Suits (Fat, pregnant)
  • Blood Effects
  • Body Reproduction (fake Body, appendages)
  • Props (knifes, axes etc.)
  • Puppets (Mechanical, Rod and Hand Motivated)
Tattoo Design & Print

We do Tattoos better than anyone else.

Having transformed the global industry 20 years ago into Fast, Efficient and Realistic methods of Tattoo application, the idea of having characters in tattoos is no longer a scary thought. We can help manage your project more cost effectively through thousands of stock designs we have created or you can have us develop and design your character from the ground up.
Creating a history and story behind the tattoosi s key. Placement and size has meaning. Tattoos should be more then just a pretty image, they should tell a story about your character.

  • Tattoo Design
  • Tattoo archival reference
  • Character Rendering/Proof of Concept
  • Patter Casting™
  • Sizing and Age Manipulation
  • 1000+ Stock Tinsley Images
  • Fast Turnaround
  • In-House Printing
  • Supportive Supplies (Sealers, Primers)
  • Large Print Dimensions (24 x 36)
Wigs & Facial Hair

Transformation can take shape in a variety of ways. Sometimes the addition of a mustache can explain a period in time.

A wig can time travel us 40 years into someones future. Hair is a powerful tool to convey to an audience Age, Period, Class System, Power, or other worldly. Tinsley Studio and our hair team create some of the finest hair pieces for some of the biggest celeberties around the world. With one of the largest inventorys of raw hair and natural European hair we are able to respond immediately and effectively. We also have a deep and wide collection of existing Wigs and Facial Hair for rent.

  • Wig and Facial Hair Tracings
  • Knot Tying
  • Hair Punching
  • Wig Fittings
  • Wig Fronting and repair.
  • Wig Construction
  • Facial Hair Construction
  • Eyebrow Construction
  • Wigs for Rent
  • Facial Hair for Rent

Tinsley Studio Team

Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team. Let us introduce you to the core team at Tinsley Studio.

Christien Tinsley

CEO & Founder

Matt carless

3D Design / Print Designer

Dick Cherry

Illustrator, Painter, Draws Tattoos

Lynda Smith



Prosthetic Transfers / Lab Tech


We put 100% of ourselves into every project in order to achieve success but we also make sure we allow time for our families, friends and colleagues to remain healthy and happy. Everyday we understand how fortunate we are to play as artists for a living.

How We Work

Every production has its own unique voice. The visionaries behind that voice have their own story to tell and we are here to support that story. The more we understand your story , the more effective a tool we can be for your production.

Design / Budgeting

Through conversation, drawing and sculpture we can create clarity and direction on your vision. In addition we create a schedule and budget that is tailored to your production.

Proof of Concept / R&D

Bringing to life an approved concept is equally as important as conceiving it. Developing the correct approach will ensure success.


Building on the foundation of Design and the R&D. We bring to life the final elements required for your production and shooting schedule.


Delivering and managing your effects on set is the final step to a successful effect. We want the final outcome of shooting to be as effective as the build leading up to it.

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Prosthetic Transfers Made
Straws in the nose / Lifecasting
Christien Hours on Set

Don’t be afraid to ask us questions. We may not be what you were looking for but now you learned a little something about us.


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