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Makeup Effects Studio

About Tinsley Studios
Our Approach
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About Tinsley Studios
Realism & Authenticity

Tinsley Studio prides itself on being a leader for realistic prosthetics and makeup effects. For over two decades we have dedicated ourselves to supporting stories with work that is seamless, provocative and correct.

Our Approach
Innovative Solutions

We continue to push the envelope to create more efficient and effective solutions. We are the only Makeup Studio in the world that has won an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement. Our processes and techniques pave the road for the entire industry.

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Understanding Departments

Tinsley Studio is led by Christien Tinsley who is a working HOD of makeup and owner of 3 companies. The “Producer Hat” for departmental workflow, budgets and management is always being considered for todays production climate of limited time and resources.

Character Makeup
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Facial Hair / Wigs
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Custom Tattoos
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Fake Bodies
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Our Services

Life Casting
We combine years of experience with the best materials to capture an actor's features in the safest and most efficient manner.
Using state of the art materials our execution delivers realistic and seamless makeup effects. In addition the technique invented by Christien Tinsley, provides a prosthetic that is effective while requiring less time in the makeup chair for application.
Custom Tattoos
Since 1999, Tinsley has been the go to studio for the most realistic looking and durable tattoo transfers. We bring a level of proficiency that is unmatched.
We offer both conceptual makeup and tattoo design services so our clients have the option of one vendor from start to finish.
Hair Goods
Services include custom hand tied lace wigs and facial hair, prosthetic hair punching as well as a large archive of rental hair goods.
Understanding the restrictions of time and budgets in todays climate we offer a vast archive of full body, body parts, animals, hair goods and props.

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February 22, 2020
Covering Tattoo Cover Ups
Once you successfully covered your tattoo how do you successfully seal and protect your cover up work? Let's look at some of the various options.
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