Tinsley Pro Studio Glisten 2oz


Add shine to the skin with Glisten, the innovative product by Tinsely Pro Studio for the professional Makeup Artist.

Size/Weight/Vol.: 4oz./113ml.
Base: Silicone based and is considered hydrophobic.

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Tinsley Pro Studio Glisten is the innovative product developed by Tinsely Studio for the professional Makeup Artist. This amazing product is a silicone based thixotropic oil that gives the the illusion of a wet glossy surface.

Add glisten to the skin! Achieve anything from a soft dewey look caused by humidity or steam. Or go heavy for a full on sweat for any of your hot or action induced scenes.

One of the GREAT ADVANTAGES is that Glisten will not effect your adhesives or most paints and makeup used for prosthetics, Transfers or tattoos. Making this product a must have in your kit.

Glisten is also hydrophobic (meaning it doesn’t like water). This allows you to also use glisten as a sealer for underwater sequences.

The product sounds magical but it is just science. It’s the outcome of like minded makeup enthusiasts because we are trying to make the job a little easier and a whole lot better.

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