187 O.G. Wristwatch


Tattoo image shown will be printed in reverse.

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Weight: .5 oz
Dimensions: 5 × 10.5 in
About This Gangsta Temporary Tattoo

Create a realistic look when using this “187 O.G. Wristwatch” tattoo.  Use this tattoo on the forearm or anywhere on the body. Group it with another gangsta temporary tattoo and create your character.

Tattoo Specialty

Tinsley Studio has opened up their Temporary Tattoo archive. Access to professional film quality tattoos has never been easier. We have set the standard for quality, durability, reliability and most important reality.

Tinsley Studio has been leading the way on tattoos for over two decades. With our proprietary design and printing techniques you can rely on a Tinsley Studio Tattoo.

What makes them so good

After you apply a Tinsley Studio tattoo to the skin you can see the quality of print and the level of realism. This  makes them the best tattoos in the business.

Our tattoos won’t come off easy and that’s because of our ink and adhesive system. They are the most durable and safe fake tattoo available for professionals.

Looking for long wear and believability for your next movie tattoo. These tattoos were made for duress under long shoot days on set. So whether you want them for your next film project, photo shoot or night out on the town the Tinsley Studio professional tattoo will provide you with security in a job well done.

What else do you need to know

Finishing your temporary tattoo is just as important as the application so don’t forget to look at out Satin Sealer for the most realistic and protective finish for your body art creation.

These are not Tinsley Transfers Tattoos. Made for the professional so they require extra care and steps to ensure a quality finished result. Prepare to have powder and sealer for these tattoos once applied. The removal will require (but not necessary) a more aggressive makeup remover like Beta Bond from PPI Products. Isopropyl Myristate can work but will take longer.


Each tattoo comes printed to size. The directions provided also show best practices for applying and removing your temp tattoo.

Don’t be fooled into believing other tattoos can even compare. Visit our Tattoo Portfolio to see some of our tattoos in your favorite Films and Television series.

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