Tinsley Pro Studio Satin Sealer


Tinsley Pro Studio Satin Sealer protects and finishes tattoos, pax paint, body makeup etc. with a silky smooth finish.

Size/Weight/Vol.: 4oz./113ml.
Base: Water based but dries water resistant/proof.

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Tinsley Pro Studio Satin Sealer was originally designed to add a realistic finish and protective coating to Tinsley Pro Studio Tattoos. It turns out that it works on most tattoos and has also has become a professional favorite for covering PAX makeup and body makeup and prosthetics.

The secret is in the chemistry. This sealer doesn’t perform by putting a plastic film former over the surface like most sealers. This Satin Sealer coats the surface with a satin finish micro film Acrylic/Silicone emulsion. This combination allows for a smooth finish that doesn’t collect lint (the real culprit behind messy, dirty looking tattoos and makeup), allows breathability and protects for hours or days.

Thats right we said DAYS! In house testing has shown that the sealer has protected against dirt and lint for up to 3 days. Precautions must be considered. No scrubbing of the skin with soap and water. But clothing on and off, sleeping, activity and still holding strong.

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