About Us

Christien Tinsley

Since the age of 7, Christien has had a passion for Makeup and Makeup FX. A native from Washington State, Christien began his career in Los Angeles at the young age of 22. Within two years Christien established a place for himself in the Makeup Union and began working as an on set makeup artist on such films as The Grinch, Pearl Harbor, Swordfish, Oceans 11 and many more. At the age of 30, Christien was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Makeup 2005 for his work on the film Passion of the Christ. He went on to develop a proprietary technique, known as the Prosthetic Transfer, which garnered him an Academy Award for Technical achievement in 2007. Christien also received an Emmy Nomination for his work on Nip/Tuck that same year. Currently, Christien owns and operates Tinsley Studio, Tinsley Transfers Inc. and continues to work as a Makeup Department Head and Personal Makeup artist.

Angela Tinsley

Co-owner of Tinsley Transfers, Inc. and Tinsley Studio, Angela works behind the scenes on daily operations, focusing her attention primarily on the international retail company Tinsley Transfers Inc. Tinsley Transfers Inc. is a manufacturer of Temporary Tattoos and Tattoo Clothing. All products produced parallel the artistic work done for the film industry and has been an educational and creative outlet for everyone.

Robin Hatcher

Beginning at Tinsley Studio on the feature film Jonah Hex in 2009, Robin continues to work as Production Coordinator for film and television. After gaining experience over the last 7 years with past FX houses like Edge FX and Spectral Motion, Robin applies her skills at Tinsley Studio helping productions with their Makeup FX requirements and budgetary needs.

Jason Hamer

For the past 17 years, Hamer has worked on countless films as a Production Coordinator, makeup artist, mold-maker, sculptor, painter, fabricator and actor. After working with the top FX houses in the industry (Gregg Cannom, Steve Johnson, etc.) Jason began working with friend and colleague Christien Tinsley in 2007 on Best Picture of 2008, No Country for Old Men. Hamer continues to add to the success of Tinsley Studio by providing Production with knowledgeable experience and exceptional talent.



Hiroshi Yada

Hiroshi, known to most as “Hiro”, has been working in Special Makeup FX for over 15 years. Christien Tinsley had the pleasure of working along side Hiro on his first L.A. job 14 years ago. Hiro found his own success while working for such individuals as Rick Baker, Kazu Tsuji and Spectral Motion. Hiro has applied his talents to Tinsley Studio for the past three years. He is known best for his innovative mold-making techniques while also excelling at sculpting, painting, fabrication and on-set application.

Allison Oliver

After graduating from MUD makeup school, Allison began working at Tinsley Studio. Over the past three years she has become a skilled technician and her abilities cover mold-making, fabrication and casting Silicone Gel Appliances. Her attention to detail has made her the perfect candidate for casting and mixing Tinsley’s proprietary Prosthetic Transfers. Allison understands the need for being well rounded and continues to develop her skills as a makeup artist.

Dick Cherry

Talented artist Dick Cherry has been specializing in Rock and Roll gig posters, album art, bass drum logos, flyer and other promotional propaganda for the past 8 years. Dick is currently working on a new line of novelty tattoos for Tinsley Transfers Inc.