Prosthetic Transfers

Our Academy Award winning Prosthetic Transfers provide a waterproof and timesaving alternative to traditional makeup. This technique virtually eliminates continuity issues while providing non-toxic, self-adhesive, self-blending, 3 dimensional effects. Prosthetic transfers have the versatility to be used in Old Age Makeups (Grey Gardens, Benjamin Button), Burns (Pearl Harbor), Wounds (No Country for Old Men, Passion of the Christ) and many, many more.

Custom Tattoos/Tattoo Suits

Tinsley Studio’s proprietary process allows for realistic looking tattoos that are waterproof and easy to apply. This process provides temporary skin art that potentially lasts for 4-7 days without the need for re-application. We can use your own artwork or our team of designers can create the desired look you wish to achieve. Tinsley also offers custom tattoo suits that provide an easy way to “tattoo” background without the time and expense of transfers. Our suits can be seen in the upcoming films Sucker Punch and John Carter of Mars.

Character Makeups/Creatures/Suits

We understand that the addition of makeup can aid in the full realization of a character and add elements to a story. It can also bring to life a previously one dimensional creature. We will work diligently to fulfill your vision whether great or small. Tinsley Studio is fully equipped to meet all of your needs from in-house conceptual design, sculpture and maquettes through to a fully realized makeup including, custom hair goods, contacts, dentures and of course… prosthetics!


Whether you are looking for a “stuffie” or a fully puppeteered critter our team of fabricators are dedicated to creating realistic and lifelike animals to meet your needs. From body forms, fur flocking, hair punching, to teeth, nails and eyes we can.

Hair Goods

Christien Tinsley in collaboration with one of the industries finest, Erwin Kupitz (whose client list includes Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Bruce Willis and Shakira), provide top quality and authentic looking hair goods. Tinsley Studio specializes in all hair pieces including wigs, mustaches, beards and eyebrows.


Whether it is for one day or one month of shooting, our top quality rentals will serve your needs without the cost of fabrication. Click here to view our rental items.