High School Tattoos

High School, which premiered at this years Sundance film festival, is a comedy about a valedictorian who tries pot the same day that the school Principal institutes a no-tolerance drug policy. In order to circumvent his inevitable failing at the next days drug test, Henry Burke (Matt Bush) teams up with the school’s stoner (Sean Marquette) in order to get the entire school high. Psycho Ed, played by Academy Award winner Adrien Brody, is the local pot dealer from whom the boys steal. In 2008 Tinsley Studio was commissioned to design and create tattoos for Brody’s character, Psycho Ed. Tinsley’s talented designer Mike Mekash worked closely with Brody on the designs, incorporating the actor’s desire for specific tattoos along with a multitude of marijuana related images. Mekash applied more than 42.0 tattoos which covered Brody’s entire torso. The final result is an amazing compliment to the character’s craziness as portrayed by Brody. Directed by John Stalberg, the film has yet to set a release date but images of our work have already begun appearing on the web.