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Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance

“Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance” opened in theaters on Feb. 17th and proved that sometimes sequels are better than the original. It doesn’t hurt that this film features makeup created by Tinsley Studio. Directed by Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine, this film is a fun, action packed ride. Since the Studio failed to give any of us credit (proving you shouldn’t piss off production while filming) we now acknowledge ourselves… Congratulations to Makeup Department Head Jason Hamer and Key Makeup Artist Kerrin Jackson (they were not credited accurately despite their hard work and sacrifice) for their makeup and prosthetic application. Check out the work in theaters now and look for Tinsley’s new design of Ghost Rider, Blackout design and prosthetics (Johnny Whitworth), 4 stages of aging on Roarke (Ciaran Hinds) and of course… our Tattoos! Don’t forget to leave your comments on our Facebook page!