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High School Tattoos

High School, which premiered at this years Sundance film festival, is a comedy about a valedictorian who tries pot the same day that the school Principal institutes a no-tolerance drug policy. In order to circumvent his inevitable failing at the next days drug test, Henry Burke (Matt Bush) teams up with the school’s stoner (Sean Marquette) in order to get the entire school high. Psycho Ed, played by Academy Award winner Adrien Brody, is the local pot dealer from whom the boys steal. In 2008 Tinsley Studio was commissioned to design and create tattoos for Brody’s character, Psycho Ed. Tinsley’s talented designer Mike Mekash worked closely with Brody on the designs, incorporating the actor’s desire for specific tattoos along with a multitude of marijuana related images. Mekash applied more than 42.0 tattoos which covered Brody’s entire torso. The final result is an amazing compliment to the character’s craziness as portrayed by Brody. Directed by John Stalberg, the film has yet to set a release date but images of our work have already begun appearing on the web.

More on Hex

The official Jonah Hex trailer has been released and more images from the film are hitting the web. Tinsley’s work on the film was recently featured on the cover of Make-up Artists Magazine’s summer preview issue (on stands now). Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming articles and don’t forget to go see the film which hits theaters June 18th.

Iron Man 2 – Whiplash

Jon Favreau is back with the latest installment of Marvel’s Iron Man 2. Last year, Tinsley Studio had the pleasure of being commissioned to create prosthetics and tattoos for the film’s villain, Whiplash (Mickey Rourke). Christien Tinsley and Mike Mekash designed and fabricated the transfers (see our services page for more information on our award winning, proprietary process) which composed most of the character’s look. Under the supervision of the films Makeup department head, John Blake and assisted by veteran artist Ken Diaz, Mekash acted as Rourke’s personal makeup artist. The end result is a dynamic look comprised of applied facial hair, prosthetic transfers and Russian themed Tattoo Transfers.

Bollywood Award

The International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) just announced the winners of their annual awards. Our own Christien Tinsley along with the lovely and talented Dominie Till have won for their work on PAA. Released in 2009, PAA tells the story of a 12 year-old boy named Auro and his relationship with his father. Auro has progeria, a genetic condition which causes symptoms that mimic aging. The challenge for Tinsley and Till was to turn a 67 year-old Amitabh Bachchan, one of India’s most prominent and legendary actors, into a realistic looking 12 year old with the disorder. The stunning result has now been awarded by IIFA as Best Makeup 2009.

Showing Your Scars

Tinsley Studio recently completed additional photography for the film Jonah Hex due in theaters June 2010. Christien Tinsley, Makeup Department Head for principle and additional photography, had the fortunate task of designing the Makeup and Special Makeup FX for the film. Having previously worked together on No Country for Old Men, this film marked the second time Christien has worked with Josh Brolin who plays the title character, Jonah Hex. This film was also the second collaboration with Producer Akiva Goldsman and Consultant Director Francis Lawrence, both with whom Christien worked on I Am Legend.

Joining Christien as Hair Department Head was the always fabulous, Beth Miller whom Christien last worked with in 2001 on Vin Diesel’s xXx. Veteran makeup artists Gerry Quist and Rolf Keppler also joined the makeup team.

“Working on a stylized western with the talented Brolin, Malkovich and Fassbender was a great experience. The makeup for Jonah Hex was a grueling task but Josh was a true professional.”

– Christien Tinsley

From No Country to True Grit

Tinsley Studio has just begun work creating some of the Special Makeup FX for the upcoming remake of True Grit. This is the third partnership between Tinsley Studio and The Coen Brothers who previously worked together on No Country for Old Men and A Serious Man. Christien is currently on set applying a makeup he designed for Barry Pepper’s character. Headlining the makeup and hair department is Makeup artist Thomas Nellen and Hair designer Kay Georgiou. Also joining the makeup team is Matt Damon’s Chrissie Beveridge.

It’s a Red Planet for JCOM

The Tinsley crew is currently working on Walt Disney’s John Carter of Mars, the highly anticipated first live action feature from Director Andrew Stanton. Working in conjunction with the film’s Makeup Supervisor, Academy Award winner Bill Corso, the Tinsley team has been hard at work designing and providing Bill and his European makeup crew with distinctive and unique tattoos and tattoo body suits.